Are You Happy?

I’ve talked about happiness before. How money isn’t the answer and once you have $75K/year, you’ve got it made and making more money won’t buy you happiness.

I have a strong belief that happiness is really an “inside job’. When l ask people what makes them happy, most talk about things — houses, cars, vacations, and great experiences. I’m happy to be alive!

In our U.S. Constitution we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. You’ll notice we don’t expect to just be happy all the time, but to pursue it as a goal.

We pursue happiness, it’s a journey 

So, during this holiday season, when depression and anxiety reach all-time highs, remember that you can master your stories. You can choose to be happy. My East and West coast relatives think I live in a ‘frozen wasteland’, I think of Minnesota as a ‘four-season wonderland’.

Why is it important to pursue happiness? Resilience, mental toughness, and well-being are at stake. Mood disorders are a serious health care problem in America, and if we could be just a little bit happier, we would all be healthier too. Practice mastering your stories, you are the one driving the bus.