Consulting Boot Camp

“He who has himself for a boss has a great boss” — Dr. James J. Lynn

Sometimes I think about developing a boot camp for would be entrepreneurs, freelancers, and those who dream about having a side gig. Maybe you dream about being a coach or a management consultant, or a cheese whisperer, whatever. Millions of people are fleeing the traditional workforce. Some are being forced to. A recent NY Times Sunday article* featured a dying town in Ohio and highlighted the horrors of what happens when a large employer like GM announces that they are going to unallocate the plant. A nice way to say the plant is closing and over a thousand workers are being laid off, many multi-generational employees at the plant. So, here is my solution, a one-year boot camp training ground.

Not all boot camps are the same.

The curriculum outline for my boot camp would be:

Consulting Boot Camp — a one-year program – the basics
  1. Finding yourself – be authentic, real, know your purpose
  2. What would you like to do? Who do you want to help?  
  3. What’s your line? Love the product – be passionate about it  
  4. Craft the offer – the ideal customer – the communication channel – short and simple  
  5. Go do it – test it out – the minimum viable product and lean creation  
  6. Forget a/b testing, do a/z testing – break some rules  
  7. If you want to be a coach – some templates to use  
  8. If you want to be a consultant – some templates to use  
  9. Pricing – what is your product worth? Hourly, project, or retainer?  
  10. Find clients who love you, don’t race to the bottom 
  11. Get hired before you start helping 
  12. Cut the bad customers loose – (know when to let them go) not all meat is good meat 
* NY Times Magazine, The Money Issue, lives are transformed when a GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, shuts down”. May 5, 2019. 

Why is it important to dream about doing your own thing? It’s not for everyone but think about it. You just might like being your own boss. It can be scary, but you will have someone you can talk to and be listened to. And I might even start this one-year boot camp! Let me know if you think this idea has legs.