How is a virtual peer group different from networking groups?

We all know the problems. It’s lonely at the top. You are the last one to get the bad news. Where do you go to talk about the difficult issues, the really tough problems? There are serious problems that need to be addressed. And who can you trust? It seems like almost everyone you meet wants something from you. Your days are crazy. You seem to be jerked around, dealing with one problem after another … reacting. Working in your business, not on it.

For years one of the best solutions was joining a networking peer group and spending a day a month sharing with them. The trouble is, a lot of entrepreneurs just don’t have the time or luxury to devote to a traditional peer group. Well, there is an alternative – a Hatch Virtual Peer Group where you meet monthly online.

Hatch CEO virtual peer groups are small, typically about six members in any one group.

Let’s look at the differences between a regular peer group and a Hatch Virtual Peer Group. See below:

Why is it important to think about joining a peer group? Every business hits a ceiling, gets stuck. You need a safe sounding board, a place where you can go to share difficult challenges and get honest feedback, help you can use. The ROI on your investment? What is it worth to to help you get guidance to save one troubled manager?  One good idea from your peers can give you 50 times return on your investment. Spend time working ‘on’ your business, not always ‘in’ your business.