In God We Trust

Sayings are a particularly effective way to market and get your message across. I was watching a Pinkcast recently and Dan Pink reminded me of the power of rhyming your message to help make it stick in the minds of your customers. And then rhyming got me thinking about a similar technique. About the way I use quotes in many of my trainings. Sayings, short pithy expressions, serve the same purpose as a rhyme. They help us make a point and remember it. The “In God we trust” saying is a powerful way to communicate the importance of measures, facts, and being accountable for results with actual data.

I use aphorisms with clients is to give them memorable short quotes that reinforce a teaching point. These sayings have a way of sticking in your memory. I often run into former students I have trained and not seen for years and they remind me of one of their favorites. See the table below: 

They would see me and smile and say, “Put the candle … back!” Of course, I’m pleased to see my former students, and even happier to see that they remember some key ideas and are using them in their everyday life. That’s the power of a good quote.

The leadership example with Dr. Frankenstein instructing his comely assistant, Inga, appears below: 

“Put the candle … back …”  From the movie, Young Frankenstein

Why is it important to know about the power of sayings? It’s probably not that important, but it is good to know why you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday, but when you realize you are not being clear in giving someone direction, you can remember to tell them metaphorically “put the candle back.” What’s a favorite saying of yours?