Is This A Hobby Of Yours?

I had a special colonoscopy done recently, and when the doctor came in to introduce himself, the first question I asked him was, “Is this a hobby for you or do you do these all the time?” He had a good sense of humor, smiled and told me, “No, this is not a hobby, I do about 10 of these procedures a week.

Some jobs require a license, like being a doctor, nurse or psychologist.

And then there are other jobs, like being a parent or a leader that often come with no training whatsoever.

Take coaching for example. Being a coach is a bit of a challenge. There are lots of different kinds of coaches, and the training to become a coach varies widely. So how do you make it as a coach?

The best approach is to be an extraordinarily good coach. If you are really good, your work speaks for you. Mastery comes with time and experience. People will seek you out.

Think about the work you do. Is it a hobby or are you an expert at what you do?

As we enter a new year, what new hobbies are you going to develop? And hopefully, these hobbies have nothing to do with your actual job.

Why is it important to find a real expert? If you have a relationship problem, do you want to go to some ‘relationship coach’ who went to a weekend workshop in LA and got “certified”, or would you rather talk to a psychologist? A lot of people think they are psychologists and they can do what a psychologist can do. The problem is, unlike the gastroenterologist, some of them can.