See one, do one, teach one

‘The surgical residency program created by Dr. William Halsted at Johns Hopkins in 1890’. 

Training is big business. Some $167B was spent on training in North America in 2018, up 12% from the year before. The average training cost per employee is around $1,300/yr. Reinventing your career and learning is now the number two issue in business. Jobs are changing faster and the competition to keep the best employees gets tougher by the year. There are simply more job openings than there are people looking for work. And, on top of the recruiting challenges, employers need to take on the role of trainer to close the skill gap for today’s technical positions. Corporate training is big business and getting bigger.

The basic idea of, “See one, do one, and teach one” is still sound. See the chart below:

In my consulting practice, I am at heart, a teacher with my clients.

Why is it important to have leaders do some of the corporate teaching? When the leaders are contributing to the leadership development effort, they are creating a culture that speaks volumes. They are saying, “This training is important. I’m here with you doing this. This training matters.” The leaders are modeling the skills they want others to have. And, the leaders are really learning by teaching!