“Which road should I take?”  In reply, the cat says: “Where are you going?”  To that, Alice says: “I don’t know.” “Then it doesn’t matter which road you take.”  The Cheshire Cat

Don’t be like Alice. Live your life on purpose. And to do that, you need a plan. As we enter a new year and a new decade, I thought it would be good to share my annual life planning form. The six categories are my own personal preference. You might choose others. The important thing is to think about what really matters to you and write down your goals for 2020. See the template I use below. I keep it to one page. Simple and effective. 

My Life Plan for 2020           What matters?                    Date:

Purpose/Calling              Work Goals                            Personal Goals
What’s important?            What do you want to do?        Any fun, educational goals?
Values/Why                     Relationship Goals                Financial Goals
Your top 3 or 4                  Friends and groups                 Income – reducing debt

Why is it important to have an annual life plan? We need to have a purpose, to have meaning in our lives. And writing down your plan for the year is one way to help you. And, by having it in writing, you can reflect on it periodically during the year. For those who are living a chaotic life, this is a great way to get some organization and control into your life. Happy New Year!