40 Years

I was watching the Sunday Morning program on CBS this past Sunday and they were celebrating the fact that this special 90-minute program that started with Charles Kuralt began in January of 1979. It’s a great program, full of art and education and special topics from around the world. The show highlighted the social and cultural events of the past 40 years.

Then I realized that was the same month and year I left sunny California for Minnesota. It was about 65 in San Francisco and when I arrived in the Twin Cities, and it was kind of like it is today. See the picture of the Winter of 1979 below. We used to have Winters like the one we have now.


The Winter of 1979

I started working with the Hay Group, learning how to evaluate jobs, with Hay Points, and how to evaluate managers for leadership development. Then I worked with Fran Tarkenton’s consulting company learning how to install productivity improvement efforts in organizations. I spent a year “six feet from stardom”, an interesting experience.

Then in 1981, I started Lynn & Associates and have been consulting ever since. It’s been a great 40 years. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully helped to make some organizations healthier.

Why is it important to celebrate anniversaries? Not everybody gets to have the same job for 40 years anymore. Careers are different now, even the meaning of work is changing. One thing that hasn’t changed, it’s still cold in Minnesota in the Winter!