I’m Inspired!

“Age is just a number.” 

There are a couple of old white guys running for President of the United States. I have a lot in common with them, I’m an old white guy too. In fact, I have more in common with Joe Biden: we both grew up in Scranton, my father died of a brain tumor as did his son, Beau. And we both had terrible car crashes in our families, hospitalizing my mother for a year and for Joe, killing his first wife and young daughter.

If they can run for President of the United States, I can keep working.

These guys actually do inspire me. If they have the energy and drive to launch a two-year grueling campaign with multiple trips to Iowa, and then if they win, run the country for another four years, I can certainly do a little more work.

Why is it important to keep doing stuff? I truly believe that we all need a purpose, a reason to get out of bed. My cat helps, but the real reason I jump out of bed everyday is to help others. I’m in the process right now of forming a pilot group of six women managers who will meet virtually for 90 minutes each month to learn and grow from each other. Is this a great country or what?