Have you ever been in a delicate situation where someone has asked you what you thought about something or someone — and you don’t know how to respond? You don’t want to be rude or hurt their feelings. So, what do you do? Be honest and hurt their feelings? Lie and make them feel better? There is a third option. Say, “It was unbelievable.” And then pause, say nothing else. The magic in that response is that it really doesn’t say much. Was it unbelievably bad, or unbelievably good? That’s up to the other person to interpret. You just said it was “unbelievable”.

These railroad tracks are ‘unbelievable’

Why is it important to have a tactful word? When someone you need to be nice to asks you about something and you want to be honest and polite, you can respond, “It was unbelievable.” Let the other person fill in what that means to her. Oh, and the meteorologist on the TV news was talking about the strong winds today, and that some people were putting ankle weights on their small dogs. Unbelievable.