What Do You See?

When we look at a figure, we tend to make a pattern of it.” Gestalt principle  

Look at the figure below, what do you see?

This is an old trick of the eye I learned in my first year studying psychology, that the eye forms a gestalt, a pattern, and we see that first, automatically. There are really two objects displayed in the image above, a vase and the outline of a man’s head. Take another look, can you see the other image now?
Gestalt means organized whole. From Gestalt psychology we get the basic principle of closure. We tend to see patterns when we look at objects and want to finish or close the pattern if there are any holes or breaks in the picture. In the picture above, we want to see a whole, like a vase. Can you also see the two outlines of the faces? 
Now look at the image below. What do you see? 

Do you see an old lady or a young woman? Take a minute and play with what you see. Are you able to see both? 

Why is it important to know about gestalts? How we perceive things matters. Notice how the latest displays for flying a plane or driving a boat, like an aircraft carrier, are getting smaller and simpler, with fewer dials and gauges to read. Gestalt principles are used today in designing features to make products easier to use. An instant glance gives you closure, and you get the complete picture of what it is and how it works.  New cars are looking more like airplanes today. It started with Gestalt psychology.