What’s Your Story?

I was watching the Vikings and Packers game this past Sunday and after Captain Kirk threw the interception in the end zone with just minutes to go, I said to myself, “There it is, another season down the tubes, 50 years of suffering, we will never win the Super Bowl.” Where does that story come from? Living in Minnesota since 1979, being a member of the Viking family for many years, sitting in the owner’s box with my brother; and knowing many of the players personally. All these factors, and more, contribute to the story we make in our heads.

Most of you probably don’t know who Joe Kapp is. My GM brother did a “40 for 60” theme in 1989 honoring the 1969 team and brought back some of the great Viking players, including quarterback Joe Kapp. I got to know him, and we became friends. See the picture of him below. 

Joe Kapp of the Minnesota Vikings 1969

Joe was fearless on and off the football field. He was not the precision, well-disciplined quarterback like we see with Tom Brady, Joe was more fluid and spontaneous. And he was a great leader. Joe would just as soon run with the ball as pass it, and he would literally run over opponents. His teammates loved him, and he formed a bond with them that was strong and effective. In 1969 Joe led the team to a Central Division Title and in the post-season defeated the Los Angeles Rams and the Cleveland Browns winning the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy. 

Why is it important to master your stories? Your story shapes what you think about things, how you feel about it, and ultimately what you wind up doing. In short, your story is everything. I wonder what stories the cheese heads in Green Bay are saying to themselves?