Meet James J. Lynn, Ed.D. LP

After growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania and graduating from Columbia U. in New York City, I enlisted in the US Army. I attended the US Army Infantry Officer Candidate School and the Language School in Monterey. Then I commanded an Intelligence Unit in Vietnam briefing Generals with classified information. (Talk about a crash course in speaking “truth to power!”) I went on to complete graduate school earning a doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of the Pacific. Wanting to go to more Vikings’ games, I moved my family to Minnesota in 1979. My last boss was Hall of Fame quarterback, Fran Tarkenton.

Since 1981, I’ve been a CEO Whisperer, focusing on my own management consulting practice. I’ve been helping entrepreneurial leaders learn more about themselves, and elevate their personal and professional performance.

Now I’m hatching a very different CEO peer group and looking for a half dozen curious leaders to join me on a two-year journey of self-discovery and transformation. It’s not for everyone. Only for those who know it’s time to get clear, get going and get the results they’ve been chasing for a long time.


Let’s hatch something exciting together.

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